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Moments that once were and will never be again…

Shot by my grandfather on 8mm film. Digitized & edited by me.

“Palmeras Borrachas de Sol” is a song written by Mexican composer Agustin Lara. This version is sung by Esmeralda, a Mexican singer from the 1940’s. The song was recorded by my grandfather on reel to reel tape, digitized to DAT by me.

  • Software:
    Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Sound Edit 16

    8mm projector, Hi8 video camera, reel to reel tape recorder, Sony DAT recorder, Mac OS9

Memories of moments that you don’t ever get back.A post-mortem collaboration between my grandfather and I. My grandfather shot lots of 8mm film of family and vacations. Some was great and some was blurry or jittery. I loved the imperfect quality, it reminded me of what happens to memories as one ages. He also recorded a ton of reel to reel music, most of it from the radio. After he passed I needed to hear and see these materials that we hadn’t been able to sit down and share together. The first shot in this piece is of the town he was born and raised in, Jocotitlån, Edo. de México.