Suzan Pitt

Digital Artwork Archive, Web Design & Development, Social Media & Email Marketing​

Digital Asset Management:
  • Organized and prepared all of Suzan’s artwork for digital preservation.
  • Created naming conventions and a database to keep inventory.
  • Made sure that the digital files we received followed the naming conventions I had set.
  • Gathered previous digitized assets from separate sources and merged them into the digital asset library I had created.
Web Design & Development:
  • Designed the layout following the categories I had already created during the DAM project.
  • Converted high resolution image files for web and updated the asset library.
  • Transcoded her digitized films for web and for HD streaming.
  • Developed the site on SquareSpace.
Social Media:
  • Created a Facebook Page for Suzan, posted updates.
  • Updated Suzan’s Vimeo channel.
  • Created a YouTube channel for Suzan.
  • Made sure all Social Media was consistently branded.
  • Updated her Wikipedia page.
  • Set up an email list and was starting ro work on her first email campaigns.
  • Edited previews and video excerpts and for social media posts.
Made high resolution films available online for downloads and streaming for film festivals and screenings all over the world, saving time and expenses for shipping and possible delays at customs. As a result, invitations for participation in film festivals and screenings increased.