I’m writing this post as a warm up and to have an article on the new blog. There are so many things to write about and I have no idea where to start so I will start with this. Several years ago a friend from Mexico who visited my house suggested I start a blog with all the things I do. She was insisting that I do a lot and know a lot. I always complain about being underestimated and underemployed, sadly I have to admit I do this to myself as well. I need to stop that. Where did that start? I can point to one person who told me once “Why would anyone be interested in what you say?” this was back when I had just arrived to Los Angeles and feeling good as an experimental filmmaker since my films were getting screened with positive reviews and had just gotten accepted to do my MFA at CalArts. That comment had a huge impact on my creativity since, at that time, I was not interested in technical/commercial art/filmmaking and up to that day I had been making art that came from my personal experiences.

Getting back to the first post:
My friend who suggested I blog probably has no idea of how much what she said made me think. The topics she suggested were all the gardening, sewing, crochet, baking, cooking, house repairs, and such that I do. There is the story of how I moved to the US from Mexico and the process I went through (including all the personal stories and hurdles) – I don’t exactly know how to tell this story yet since there are some parts were extremely difficult and painful, some continue to be. As in any story, there’s a ton of positive highlights as well, and lessons I learned. Maybe by sharing these experiences someone else can be inspired and avoid the pitfalls. There’s SCUBA diving stories of when I used to dive in Mexico with a group of insane/super knowledgeable divers. Another subject to write about is my dogs, the Border Collies who have taught me so much. Dog training and recently how I’ve managed my oldest dog’s Chronic Kidney Disease . And then there’s the art projects and such, which include the digital art I make.

I will stop here since this is meant to be a post and not a book. I think in order for me to be able to post frequently I should keep them short for now. The very beginning is just an exercise to test the blog layout, and to simply get me to write again. I hope eventually this will unblock the artist side of me that I’ve been repressing for years.

I’m open to other topic suggestions you might have. I don’t want to have to monitor comments for now so just send me a message through my contact form if you’d like to get in touch with me.

Now on to the next task on today’s list. I’m glad I finally got this first post out. Thanks for reading!


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